Weight Loss through Homeopathy

Obesity or overweight  is a disease characterized by abnormal body fat and affects  roughly 15% of the India‚Äôs population . Obesity cause can be traced tofactors like  imbalance between calorie intake and consumption habit, age, sex, genes, psychological and mental makeup  and environmental factors. Excessive weight leads to various health problems, like blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis and cardiovascular ailments. Obesity treatment without any harmful side effects is made possible only through Homeopathy.

Effective weight loss tips through Homeopathy

Homeopathy acts effectively in obesity treatment , in various ways  1. by stimulating the body metabolism to burn more fat, 2. regulate the digestion process 3.act as anorexiant. Homeopathic remedies do not dissolve body fat, therefore exercise along with the right low carb diet is a must to ensure effective weight loss. Homeopathic treatment lays emphasis on the patient profile and his pathological condition.

The top Homeopathic single remedies that act to lose weight are

Phytolacca berry: considered a prime obesity solution, it contains phytotheraputic properties known to target body fat and glandular swellings. Recommended for people who suffer general soreness, bruised feeling, dizziness and syphilitic rheumatism

Helainthus Tuberosus: this plant has a high saturation value due to its high insulin content (up to 20% of tubers) and helps to dissolve obtispation

Calcarea Carbonica : a very effective ingredient to target excess fat in abdomen and slow body metabolism. Suited for patients who shows symptoms like being fatty, fair and flabby in appearance, large bellied with pale skin, tendency to perspire excessively, intolerant to cold air, peculiar eating habits including craving for boiled eggs , and frequently constipated

Natrum Mur: This medicine is prescribed by experts when the patient has excess fat in thighs and buttocks as compared to other parts of the body or has been under emotional stress. Other constitution related symptoms include heat intolerance, anemia, salt craving, weeping tendencies etc

Lycopodium: this is targeted for individuals having gastric troubles like  constipation and flatulence, craving for sweet foods, hot foods etc. Due to excessive eating habits they have  excess weight & bloated abdomen.  Mentally, the patient has a  irritable nature prone to  anger. It is one of the most useful homeopathic remedies for fat loss .

Fucus Vesiculosis : stimulates the thyroid gland that plays the most important role in fat metabolism in the body

Graphites: a stimulant that acts on the digestive tissues of the digestive organs and end the hypofunction of the main glands resulting in better secretions. Useful for women with delayed menstruation

Spongia Tosta: helps stimulate the performance of thyroid glands with its ingredient iodium against atheromatese development in vessels

Other obesity Homeopathy treatment  includes Argentum nitricum and  Antimonium crudum.