Vashisht Cardus Mar 1x Mother Tincture Tablets
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Vashisht Cardus Mar 1x Mother Tincture Tablets

Vashisht Cardus Mar 1x Mother Tincture Tablets

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Brand: Vashisht Homoeopathic Pharmaceuticals
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Vashisht Cardus Mar 1x Mother Tincture Tablets Contains

  • Cardus Mar 1x in lactose base

About the Cardus Mar 1x:

  • Vashisht Cardus Mar 1x (Carduus Marianus) Tablets is a Homeopathic Liver detoxification remedy. It Corrects liver disorders
  • Contains lactone cricin that has properties similar to antibiotics to heal wounds faster, flavonlignan, silymarin. Covered in the Indian & German Homeopathic pharmacopoeias
  • Is traditionally used as an herbal remedy for liver & portal system causing soreness, pain & jaundice. Good for dropsical congestion and hepatic diseases
  • Address debility due to hepatic diseases, stimulates bile secretion
  • Daily intake of two tablets twice a day for liver health & protection. Naturally assists with the normal processes of detoxification and drainage
  • 100 Tablets packed in a single bottle
  • Free from side effects, contra indications, artificial flavors, colors and chemical preservatives
  • Recommended and trusted by homeopaths for Hepatic disorders

Product Description

This homeopathic single remedy is prepared from Pure Homeopathic Mother Tincture for addressing hepatic disorders, gall bladder congestion & upper abdomen pain. You get the concentrated effect of Homeopathic mother tinctures in tablets form. This does away with problems like evaporation, leak/spillage etc You have always known how good Homeopathic mother tinctures are to be, now Dr. Vashisht brings the best of mother tinctures in convenient tablets form, manufactured under strict quality control, ensuring strongest value of each mother tincture in pure imported HMS brand lactose based tablets.

Key Benefits

One of its kind remedy in India, made from Homeopathic Mother Tincture as per HPI, GMP standards

Easily absorbed and digested

Presentation:100 Tablets packed in a single bottle

Manufacturer Vashisht Homoeopathic Pharmaceuticals
Form Tablets
Dosage Adults- 2 Tablets 3 times a day or as directed by your homoeopathic physician

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