Customer testimonials samples: does homeopathy work?

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Homeopathic dilutions and the memory of water theory: Customer testimonials samples and various clinical test results apart many people find  one aspect of homeopathy  implausible  - that the medicine is often left diluted to the point where no traces or no molecules of the original substance left. And this makes them ponder: does homeopathy work? 

Latest  scientific findings dispel these misgivings; Latest research on hydrogen bonds in water provides evidence and supports the ‘memory’ theory of water. Residual molecular clusters of the original substance is likely to be present in homeopathic dilutions concludes another. They found that as a solution is made more and more dilute, highly stable and bigger ‘clumps’ of material develop in dilute solutions rather than in more concentrated solutions. A consortium of European laboratories have also proved that highly diluted substances do exert an effect. They found that white blood cells that take part in the immune response are significantly effected by highly diluted histamine.


So how does homeopathy work? To understand this you should know  the fundamental premise of its cure formula  i.e., in Homeopathy there is no medicine for any particular disease, but there is a medicine for the patient suffering from the disease. It also recognizes that the current problem of the patient is not an isolated occurrence but a part of a sequence thereby preventing the progress of disease. This takes into account the family history and the events through childhood thereby. Hence children who are under homoeopathic treatment grow into more healthy adults. In the later part of this article various testimonials samples from patients  corroborate this fact


A skeptic who questions; does homeopathy work? needs to understand the method of the practitioner too. And  customer testimonials in this regard  give credence to this aspect too. A good homoeopath, combines the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, medicine, surgery and gynaecology to examine the patient, diagnose  and determine the natural course of the ailment and to manage the case well. He therefore goes to great lengths to understand the individuality of each patient fully and correctly and then selects right remedy. He applies the ‘Simile’ principle. scientifically and systematically using carefully tested medicines. This principle states that healing occurs when symptoms are treated with a corresponding source in nature that produces similar symptoms if ingested in its crude form by a healthy person

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I have been cured of IBS, post-partum depression, insomnia, post-partum infection, and a variety of minor ailments, all using this system of infinitesimal dilutions of natural substances. Nicole on June 19, 2005

we used it (homeopathy) with everyday illnesses successfully all our lives… I highly recommend homeopathy itselfK. Tiwaryon December 15, 2011

Yes - homeopathy - which I thought was bogus until I saw with my own eyes that it works. I became interested in homeopathy when it cured my  14 year old cat diagnosed with FIP. I have since started using homeopathy myself, and my husband is using it. Energy medicine works. I will never use an allopathic medicine again if I have the choiceOrganizer+on January 1, 2012

My son and I have seen tremendous results with homeopathy, as have many of the other people we know who have tried it. I didn't expect it to help my thyroid, heal my C-section scar, cure toenail fungus, or allow me to feel so much more even-keeled all the time. I don't believe that a placebo effect works this way - addressing things that you never anticipated and other people can clearly see (like scars and fungus). angeleenalee on April 21, 2012

I knew about the existance practice for a long time and it has worked wonders for me and my family The Analyston November 5, 2006

I have two kids with PANDAS and homeopathy is working for them, thank God!  Maria I. Arbeletche-Cuetoon December 20, 2011

Homeopathy is very inexpensive, and I believe most families could afford to pay for treatment out of pocket. I've used homeopathy with great success and satisfaction for 15 years. My annual cost last year was about $600. C. Jahnigon January 16, 2014

My son has recovered from Autism, and although still has immune issues that are slowly healing with Classical Homeopathy,  elizabeth monterosso on September 16, 2011


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Homeopathy is changing my life for the better every day - now I want to study it, give back and help others - @JadeElise37

It works me for the same reasons it works on everyone else, it just does! Amazing, gentle & more effective than any other modality  @SherrisMusings

Homeopathy works for me because results are consistent and there are no side effects  @exeskeptics

To deny yourself and your family of Homeopathy is the greatest disservice you could do to your family,it's never too late to begin Syed Ashraf


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tonsilitis disappears after a homeopathic remedy - paltmann

video about the treatment of gingival hyperplasia (bleeding gums, swollen gums, spongy gums) - Kuram Srinivasachar Anand   

I suffered from chronic Hayfever and Allergies all my life and it eventually developed into chronic Asthma. I was introduced to Homeopathy by a neighbour and was astounded at how well Homeopathy helps stimulate the body to do its own healing. I ditched medication, for long term healing  Helen

Homeopathy has come to my rescue throughout all stages of lifeDebbie

At the age of 18 I suffered an attack of Sciatica which resulted in my being off sick from work for 3 weeks. I continued to suffer for 12 years taking stronger and stronger painkillers and visits to physiotherapists. Since I found homeopathy nearly 11 years ago I only have an occasional twinge and have not taken painkillersAnna C

I was suffering with a horrendous headache for a couple of days, I eventually took a homeopathic remedy and *boom*, the headache was gone! Amazing. Homeopathy definitely works for me. – Claire Zarb

How homeopathic medicine worked for me when I had flu. I recovered in only 3 days when most people were taking weeks - hazeldrummond

Homeopathy Works for Me - fast recovery from an accident - 8 year old Raci shares her experience


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I and my family are using homeopathic medicine since very long time. It has slow but sustained and long lasting effects. It does not give symptomatic relief. It cures the disease completely by curing it from roots. Homeopathic medicine has cured many diseases for my mother like sum allergy - shailey123 bangalore India

I am a working man of 42 years.2 years before I was suffering  from  Renal calculi, which is generally known as kidney stone…..(allopathy) caused so many side effects like weakness and I had running nose all the time. Personally, I am so afraid of surgery kind of things. So, I decided to go through homeopathy treatment…… within 6 months (of Homeopathic treatment) I got cured. Now, its been 2 years and I am living life without any pain: Mahendra_sharma

Few years back I had Migraine problem . I use to have severe headache, I had shown to a homeopathic doctor, the treatment went for six months and it was cured . - Ghazala786 Vadodara India

I was trying to get some control over my chronic sinus infections and constant migraine headaches …. (after homeopathy treatment) my sinus infection was almost completely gone, and I hadn’t had any headaches, but I also started seeing other improvements in my life that were completely unexpected. I was falling asleep easily and sleeping through the night, which hadn’t happened in years; my periods were getting easier and more predictable; my allergies were getting less intense  Erin Shepherd

My son is 6 years old and he had been suffering from Asthma since 2 years. We wanted to try Homeopathy and went to …. We are happy that our son is now back to normal and is playing and enjoying like other kidsananyasmily7 | May 18, 2015  Hyderabad India

I was suffering from urticaria and was having severe migraine problem. Initially I started with allopathy as it was quick in providing me with the relief, but after 6-7 months of intake I switched to homeopathy. It took around 3-4 months of usage to show first signs of improvement and after 2 years the diseases are gone Sahil1610 | May 11, 2015 Delhi India

I had warts on my face since last two and half years. I had taken many medecines but nothing worked. Eveytime warts were on and off. Within six months of Aura Homeopathy treatment, there is ninety five percent of  improvement BhupeshDua | Jan 07, 2015

He(homeopath)  has cured my Allergy problem for which I have suffered for 15yrs and have consulted many doctor in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon & Delhi. sunu275 | Dec 21, 2014


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