Teetheal Dental Powder-Pack of 3
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Teetheal Dental Powder-Pack of 3

Teetheal Dental Powder-Pack of 3

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Brand: Healwell
Product Code: HEWTPW50
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Each 10Gm Contains: Cinamonum Q 0.05 Ml; Plantago Major Q 0.05 Ml; Chamomilla 6x 0.05Ml; Kreosotum 6x 0.05 Ml; Hekla Lava 3x 0.1 Gm; Calcarea Carbonica Q.S.

Dental powder it relieves symptoms of plaque induced gingivitis like spongy, bleeding, tender gums and sensitive teeth. It has remarkable healing properties with Antiseptic action to fight tooth decay.

Symptoms Plaque, Gum Bleeding,Tartar,Tooth Decay,Bad Breath, Tooth Germs & Bacteria,Tooth Sensitivity,Pyorrhoea,Toothache
Manufacturer Sintex International Ltd
Form Powder

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