Swine flu prevention and treatment

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The H1N1 Swine flu scare

Swine Flu is a respiratory disease caused by the HINI influenza virus that is contracted by humans from Pigs. Since its outbreak in Mexico in 2009 it has appeared in over 200 countries (as per WHO) and is now on the verge of outbreak (pandemic) in India albeit with a less deadlier strain than the 2009 H1N1 virus. Since Jan 1, 2015 more than 250 swine flu deaths have been reported in India with maximum incidence in Telangana state. The Health ministry has stepped in with isolation wards in various city hospitals to treat patients infected with Swine flu. .


The symptoms of Swine flu are fever (in excess of 100F), nasal discharge, cough (barking type), headache and fatigue. It can lead to complications resulting in pneumonia, so one should be careful. Young children between 6 months and 4 years and people above 50 years of age , Obese, Asthmatic and Diabetic patients are vulnerable to Swine flu. Swine flu is tested using a nasopharyngeal swab sample to determine the infection and virus type.


What should you do?

  • Wear face masks (surgical type, best recommended is the N95 particle masks) and stay away from infected people - the swine flu virus can easily be transmitted through inhalation or injestion of body fluids (sneeze or cough)from infected patients . Stay away from crowded places
  • Keep you hands clean - wash it frequently with antibacterial soap  in flowing water
  • Body rest - keep the body rested with atleast 8 hours of sleep . Sleep is good destresser and great for the immune system.
  • Boost your immune system with natural supplements, Homeopathic remedies like Dr.Reckeweg R-88 , Dr.Willmar Schwabe’s Echinecia 1X tablets, Natel Neutratec ‘s Anbuta plus, St.George’s Immunize drops is strongly recommended.


How Homeopathy fights H1N1

A strong immune system does help in staying away from Swine Flu. Homeopathy helps to build a strong immune system by activating the macrophages, a type of white blood cells which in turn switches ON the overall defense system in the body. Activated machrophages accelerate the CD8+ cells that are foot soldiers which detect and kill virus bearing cells. This becomes a safe immunization formula to safety (without side effects) thereby increasing the natural defense against virus. Homeopathic Swine Flue remedies like Dr.Reckeweg R-88 , Natel Neutratec’s Anbuta plus should be taken 3 times a day (10 drops every time) . Doctors recommend that you do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes before taking the medicines.


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