Fahrenheit rising: Natural Summer Coolers

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Homeopathy can provide your body a much needed  break from common ailments during summer  through  trusted alternative protection prevention and treatment.  So  now you can spend more time out in the sun without worrying about summer rash, sun allergy, dengue, hay fever, summer headaches etc.

Alternative remedies help the body to work out summer illnesses by itself, supporting  the system while doing so.  So while you keep a regular intake of probiotic foods to keep you gut clean, and plenty of fluids with generous doses of herbal tea, supplement your diet with homeopathic remedies.

During travel: If you are heading out to the beach or packing up for a long drive during summer, the first thing you need to keep is a handy first aid kit as part of your essentials. You cannot expect safe alternative first aid remedy for a insect bite or a Diarrhoea  to be available on the road side stall or on the beach shack.

Mosquitoes thrive in summer and can add misery to your holiday outing.  Alternative health experts recommend Homeopathic remedy  like  Staphysagria 6 (tds) three doses taken daily will avoid mosquito bites,   Ledum Pal 200 (bd)  gives immediate relief from itching, burning and swelling of skin.  For a more serious problem  like dengue caused by mosquitoes, eupatorium perfolatum 200CH 10/30ml (5 drops twice a day for 3 days) or Echinacea angustifolia 1X tablets (1-2 tablets twice daily) is recommended

Skin Problems: The most visible and direct effect of heat and humidity is on the skin and red colored skin (summer rash) and blisters  can be quite agonizing.  Homepathic products are invaluable remedy for skin protection during summer. While Arnica (both in external form or taken internally)  is a very popular for sunburn, it is Apis mel. (tds) which is recommended for skin with blisters, swelling  and accompanied itching.  Sulphur (od) is recommended by homeopathic doctors for skin rashes which turn red in color. Geranium Q (tds) taken 10 drops thrice daily is recommended for general summer complaints

Eye ailments: Summer brings in dry and dusty weather and the winds carry irritants in the air causing sore eyes.  Allergic eye reaction caused by virus or bacteria, medically known as conjunctivitis (madras eye) can easily spread as compared to allergens. Homeopathic experts recommend following homeopathic remedies for such eye ailments; Apis mel (qid) for conjunctivitis, Argentum nit (qid) for white discharge, Euphrasia 6 (qid) for red and swollen eyes. World famous Homeopathic  eye drops made from german formula  containing  extracts of euphrasia and cineraria maritime fight eye irritation and host of eye ailments.

Tips for keeping cool:  Body coolers both internal and external, that keep the body temperatures  in control is essential, lest you want to invite fatigue exhaustion and breakdown (sun stroke) in extreme cases.  Alfa drink with Alfa with Brahmi  is excellent to fight summer induced fatigue while bakson’s Sun cream with SPF 30 and a combination of honey, shea butter and wheat germ oil helps to protect the Skin from the damage of sun's rays and supports the skin's ability to rejuvenate and refresh depleted. Boro calendula powder with Neem and Calendula has  Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-inflammatory and Antiseptic action on the skin, that counter body odor and rashes keeping Skin healthy during summer

od: one dose daily, bd: twice a day, tds: thrice a day, qid: 4 times daily

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