Company Background: St george homeopathy was founded in the year 1945 and it started as a Homoeopathic Clinic and Pharmacy  at Balmatta in Mangalore.  Its current headquarters are located at  5-1/1 & 5-1/2, Padil Junction, Padil, Mangalore 575007. The company has charted 70 glorious chapters in the annals of alternative healing in the India  and is synonymous with quality and affordability. The company’s stated mission is “Improve India's Immunity”.

It was founded and nurtured by Dr. Joseph Zacharias ably supported by wife Dr. Mary Zacharias. Today, under the guidance of Dr. Abraham Zacharias and Dr. Sophia Zacharias, the institution epitomizes excellence. A practicing Homoeopath, Dr. Abraham Zacharias has effectively treated and cured thousands of patients.

Though a qualified homoeopathic physician, Dr. Sophia Zacharias has been concentrating more on st george homeopathy development as a manufacturing unit. It’s her administrative skills and vision combined with her knowledge in the field of Homoeopathy that made it a name to reckon with. Today, enjoying the premium status in the field of manufacturing homoeopathic medicines in the country, st george homeopathy stands apart as a pioneering institution that paved the path in alternative healing.

This is an entrepreneur driven organization now transformed into a total professional organization with a steadfast commitment to quality. The sincerity of purpose combined with integrity and dedicated approach of all those involved in this operation has succeeded in earning a reputation of trustworthiness and transparency in dealing with this enterprise. St george homeopathy has carved a niche in the market by manufacturing the best quality medicines. Right from selection of raw materials to door delivery of medicines, they show total commitment.

Manufacturing practices: St george homeopathy manufactures medicines by following highest homoeopathic standards and are known for good manufacturing practices. The organization is built on Ethics, Tradition and Indian cultural values and stands as a predominant homoeopathic institution in the country today. Spanning a period of over six decades, it has earned unparalleled reputation is built upon trust. As a result of its constant Endeavour to attain greater perfection in the manufacturing process, the Company  started a manufacturing unit at Padil, Mangalore in 2004. St george homeopathy manufacturing unit comprises improved infrastructure with GMP norms and other accessories integral to quality enhancement, manufactures medicines under controlled conditions to ensure purity and efficacy of the drugs.

Popular offerings: Some of the popular Homeopathic offerings from St george homeopathy are IMMUNE TAB (for improving immunity),  BABY TONIC TAB (for infants & growing children), ALFALFA TONIC TAB ( for health & vigour), HAIR TONIC TAB (for healthy hair), ARTHRINOL TAB (for arthritis), ALLERGENOL series ( for Allergy & Asthma, Bronchitis), CHOLESTRO-NIL (for cholesterol), DIABETO-NIL (for Diabetes), ACIDO-NIL (for Acidity), , NEELIMA OIL range (for dandruff, hair growth), MERRY GOLD soap.

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St.George Mullein Oil - An Ideal Remedy for Ear Care -Pack of 3

St.George Mullein Oil - An Ideal Remedy for Ear CareMullen oil from St.George's homeo...
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$4.59USD $4.42USD 4% OFF

B P Tab

For relief from hypertension. Regulates the blood pressure andincreases the efficienc...
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$3.40USD $3.06USD 10% OFF

Blue Chamomilla -Pack of 3

Homeopathic Medicine For Tooth-AcheSt.George'sBlue Chamomilla is recommended for toot...
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$4.59USD $4.15USD 10% OFF

HCT No.20-Catarrh

HCT No 20 is indicated for acute and chornic catarrh, inflammation of frontal sinus, ...
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$3.40USD $3.23USD 5% OFF

St George Alfalfa Tonic Tab for Health and Vigour

St. George Alfalfa Tonic Tab is an ideal tonic for people of all ages including child...
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$4.08USD $3.84USD 6% OFF

St George Allergenol-B Tab for Allergy with Bronchitis

St George Allergenol-B Tab for Allergy with Bronchitis and CoughSt George Allergenol-...
Based on 0 reviews.
$4.08USD $3.84USD 6% OFF

St George Cholestro Nil Tab - An Ideal Remedy for Cholesterol

St George Cholestro Nil Tab - An Ideal Remedy for CholesterolSt George Cholestro -Nil...
Based on 0 reviews.
$4.08USD $3.84USD 6% OFF

St George Diabeto-Nil Drops - An Ideal Remedy for Diabetes

Homeopathic Medicine For DiabetesDiabetes is a disease in which the body cannot contr...
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$4.08USD $3.84USD 6% OFF

St George Immunize Drops for Improving Immunity

St George Immunize Drops for Improving ImmunityImmunity means the ability of an organ...
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$4.08USD $3.84USD 6% OFF

St George Liv -Free (Liver Tonic) - An Ideal Tonic for Liver Rejuvenation-Pack of 3

St George Liv -Free (Liver Tonic) - An Ideal Tonic for Liver RejuvenationSt George'sl...
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$5.10USD $4.59USD 10% OFF

St George Neelima Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

Homeopathic Medicine For DandruffA Quality product from St.George's helps to curedand...
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$7.48USD $6.80USD 9% OFF

St George Neelima Hair Care Oil - Prevents Hair Fall

St George Neelima Hair Care Oilprevents falling of hair by nourishing the hair roots....
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