St Georges HCT 25 for Leucorrhoea
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St Georges HCT 25 for Leucorrhoea

St Georges HCT 25 for Leucorrhoea

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St Georges HCT 25 for Leucorrhoea Contains: Ova Testa, Kali, Mur, Pulsatilla.

St Georges homeopathic Speciality Tablets HCT 25 is a formulation of time tested ingredients likeOva Testa,Kali, Mur, Pulsatilla for the treatment of leucorrhoea.

Due to infection of the vaginal tissues, a whitish discharge from female genitals is referred to as Leucorrhoea.

HCT No 25 is indicated for Leucorrhoea that may be profuse or offensive with backache, or for Leucorrhoea during climacteric conditions

Symptoms Leucorrhoea
Manufacturer St. George's Homoeopathy
Form Tablets
Dosage 5 tablets every 2 hours.

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