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Lady Tresses (SPIRANTHES) Has been used for milk-flow in nursing women, lumbago and rheumatism, colic, with drowsiness and spasmodic yawning. Is an anti-phlogistic remedy akin to Acon its symptoms showing congestion and inflammation. Acidity and burning in oesophagus with eructation.Female-Pruritus; vulva red; dryness and burning in vagina. Burning pain in vagina during coition. Leucorrhoea, bloody.Extremities-Sciatic pain, especially right side. Pain in shoulders. Swelling of veins of hands. Pain in all articulations of hands. Coldness of feet and toes.Fever-Flushes of heat. Sweat on palms. Hands alternately hot and cold.Dose-Third potency.

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