Schwabe German Phytolacca Berry Tablets for Weight Control, Obesity
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Schwabe German Phytolacca Berry Tablets for Weight Control, Obesity

Schwabe German Phytolacca Berry Tablets for Weight Control, Obesity

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Schwabe German Phytolacca Berry tablets for obesity and overweight treatment contains: 1 Tablet Contains, Phytolacca A Baccis 4x 250.0 Mg.

Schwabe German Phytolacca Berry tablets are indicated as obesity and overweight treatment


Introduction Schwabe German Phytolacca berry tablets are proven obesity and overweight treatment. When there is increase in body weight by more than 20 percent, the condition is termed as obesity. Obesity occurs due to imbalance of the food intake and the energy spent. It becomes risk factor for many other serious diseases like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis (thickening and hardening of walls of arteries), gout (disease in which defective metabolism of uric acid causes arthritis), gallstones, diabetes mellitus, respiratory diseases etc. Person with conditions like psychological disorders, mobility restrictions and pregnancy tend to gain weight. Once if obesity is established it is maintained even by the small intake of food. Obesity is proportional to the decrease in life expectancy.



AboutHomeopathic medicine Schwabe Phytolacca Berry tablets are popularly used as obesity and overweight treatment through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in tablets). It helps regulation of fat metabolism. It reduces obesity and maintains weight without weakness.


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Side effectsNo side effects are known of Phytolacca Berry tablets



  • Children should not use Phytolacca Berry tablets.
  • During pregnancy and lactation period, the use of Phytolacca Berry tablets should be limited to the appropriate requirements after consultation.


Interactions No interactions between other products and Phytolacca Berry tablets are known.


Presentation: 20gms

Symptoms Overweight
Manufacturer Dr.Willmar Schwabe Germany
Form Tablets
Dosage Unless otherwise prescribed, 2 to 3 tablets of Schwabe German Phytolacca Berry, 3 times a day over an extended period of time, before meals.

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