SBL Triple O massage oil
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SBL Triple O massage oil

SBL Triple O massage oil

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Each 5ml SBL Triple-O-massage oil contains: Extracts of: Daru haldi 0.0025gm, Haridra 0.0025gm, manjishtha 0.0025gm, Arjuna 0.0010gm, Karpoor 0.0025gm. In base of Sandalwood oil, light liquid paraffin, Olives oil, Basil oil, Almond of, Perfume, isopropyl myristate, Preservatives and Arachis hypogaea Q.S.

SBL Triple "O" Olea olive massage oil is fortified with well known herbs (Daru Haldi, haridra, manjishtha and Arjuna) not only helps to tone the muscles, relieve the pain and tension of muscles, also soothes the nerves and improves circulation.

Vitamin-E helps to fight dry or flaky skin caused by harsh weather and helps to repair skin damaged from overexposure to sun. Olive Oil is an excellent source of vitamin E.

SBL Triple O massage oil is fortified with the goodness of nature to keep your skin young and healthy.

Symptoms dry flaky skin
Manufacturer SBL Pvt.Ltd
Form Oil
Application Apply SBL Triple-O-massage oil daily before or after bath. Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine.

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