SBL Tonsilat Tablets
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SBL Tonsilat Tablets

SBL Tonsilat Tablets

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SBL Tonsilat Tablets contains: BarytaCarbonicum3X, Belladonna  6X, Ferrumphosphoricum 3X, , Ferrumphosphoricum, 3X Kali muriaticum  1X, Mercurius bin-iodatus 3X

SBL Tonsilat Tablets is indicated fortonsillitis,sore throat, pharyngitisand it isclinically proven product, composed of well-balanced homoeopathic medicines which prevent symptoms of tonsillitis and treat the infection of tonsils.

Tonsils act as filters by trapping germs that could otherwise enter the airways and cause infections. Thus, Tonsils are the first line of defense, protecting body from respiratory infections.
Tonsils also produce antibodies that fight infections. Thus, tonsils play a significant role in maintaining the body's immune system.
But sometimes, tonsils themselves gets infected resulting in inflammation (swelling) called Tonsillitis. It is a painful condition and may be accompanied by very high fever. Infection of tonsils can also result in ear ache, headache, hoarseness of voice, and swallowing difficulty.
In the case of children, it can also result in nausea and vomiting.


SBL Tonsilat Tablets contains:BarytaCarbonicum 3X, Belladonna 6X, Ferrumphosphoricum 3X,Ferrumphosphoricum, 3X Kali muriaticum 1X, Mercurius bin-iodatus 3X.


SBL Tonsilat Tablets Dosage:Adult 2 tablets every 3 hours,Children 1 tablet every 3 hours

Symptoms Tonsillitis,Sore Throat
Manufacturer SBL Pvt.Ltd
Form Tablets
Dosage Adult 2 SBL Tonsilat Tablets every 3 hours, Children 1 SBL Tonsilat Tablets every 3 hours

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