Sbl Alfalfa Tonic Fortified With Ginseng-Sugar Free
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Sbl Alfalfa Tonic Fortified With Ginseng-Sugar Free

Sbl Alfalfa Tonic Fortified With Ginseng-Sugar Free

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Sbl Sugar Free Alfalfa Tonic Fortified With Ginseng contains: Alfalfa Q, Avena sativa Q, Ginseng Q, Cinchona officinalis Q, Hydrastis canadensis Q, Kalium phosphoricum 3x, Kalium arsenicosum 4x, Ferrum aceticum 3x, Calcarea phosphorica 3x.

Sugar FreeAlfalfa Tonic contains various well blended homeopathic medicines and herbal tinctures fortified with ginseng. A product enriched with nutrients, natural amino-acids, vitamins and minerals to restore physical as well as mental well being.

Introduction: In the present day situation every one goes through tremendous stress and strain and tension which spares no one. It is useful in anxiety, neurasthenia, genera debility, insomnia, loss of appetite, during convalescence and can be taken during pregnancy and lactation.SBLAlfalfa Tonic contains mother tinctures of Alfalfa, Avena sativa and Ginseng. Alfalfa and Avena sativa provide essential minerals and vitamins whereas Ginseng builds resistance to fight against infections, works as revitalising agent and removes mental and physical debility and helps in faster recovery.

Side effects: No side effects of Sbl Sugar Free Alfalfa Tonic are known

Contra indications: No contra indications for the use of SblSugar Free Alfalfa Tonic are known.

Presentation: 100ml

Form Liquid
Symptoms Mental & Emotional exhaustion,Physical Tiredness,Poor appetite,Malnutrition
Manufacturer SBL Pvt.Ltd
Dosage Adults:1 tablespoonful of SBL Alfalfa Tonic with Ginseng, 3 times a day before meals.

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