SBL Pelvorin Tablets for Prompt Management of Leucorrhoea
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SBL Pelvorin Tablets for Prompt Management of Leucorrhoea

SBL Pelvorin Tablets for Prompt Management of Leucorrhoea

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SBL Pelvorin Tablets for Prompt Management of Leucorrhoea contains: Alumina 6x,  Kreosotum, Borax 3x Sepia, Calcarea ova tosta 3x

SBLs Pelvorin Tabletsis indicated forLeucorrhoea and its associated symptomspain in legs, pallor of face,pain in back and abdomen,itching, redness,burning while passing urine.


SBLs Pelvorin Tabletsare a clinically proven formulation.Composed of well balanced homoeopathic medicines, which strengthens the female reproductive system as it brings relief.


SBLon India's Homoeopathic scene is in its non- negotiable focus on quality. SBL excels on this parameter and forever seeks to enhance its lead through technology, Research and Development, and clinical trials. The result is a product that delivers the healing that it promises. The quality assurance system at SBL is constantly being upgraded for reaping benefits in terms of quality and productivity.


Leucorrhoeais a condition in which there is excessive white discharge from the vagina. The discharge may be white or thick, yellow in colour and foul smelling with irritation, burning or itching in genital organs. This could be accompanied with backache or pain in the lower abdomen. Leucorrhoea may be due to inflammatory, conditions of the cervix or vagina or due to hormonal disturbances, improper hygienic conditions or even if one is diabetic.


Contraindication:No known contra indications ofSBL Pelvorin Tablets.


Presentation:Bottle of 25 gm


Symptoms Leucorrhoea
Manufacturer SBL Pvt.Ltd
Form Tablets
Dosage Adults 2 SBL Pelvorin Tablets, 4 times a day for 2 weeks followed by 2 SBL Pelvorin Tablets 3 times a day for next 2 weeks. Or, as prescribed by the physician.

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