Anout the Company: SBL

SBL manufactures international standard homeopathic medicines in collaboration with Boiron laboratories (France) since 1983. It has 3 manufacturing units at Sahibabad, Jaipur, Haridwar in India. It is the first company to get the ISO 9001:2000 certification from TUV NORD CERT and follows the motto "Excellence at no extra cost". Its range of popular products include  Triple-O (body oil), Euphrasia eye drops, Diaboherb syrup, Stodal cough syrup, Homeodent tooth paste, Alfalfa malt, Arnica Montana hair oil & shampoo, Scalptone tablets, Clearstone drops, Damiagra drops, B-Trim drops, Orthomuv syrup, Homeocal Tablets,

SBL company philosophy and manufacturing practices

SBL  follows the gospel of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy who stated that “ A dedicated physician can only be sure about the healing properties of a drug when it is made as pure and perfect as possible”

SBL manufactures quality homeopathic formulation, ensuring  that every drop of medicine is packed and shipped from its facilities is the epitome of purity. This obsession with purity is due to the fact that the active medicinal ingredient in any homeopathic formulation is in infinitesimally small quantity. Hence, to make the medicine effective it has to be as flawless as possible.Similarly, every drop in Dilutions must be uniform and pristine. This is extremely difficult because when a liquid is poured out of a bottle, the air inside expands making the drop bigger and bigger. The may result in contamination of the Dilutions.

SBL possesses the most advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing techniques to deliver precision and accuracy. For example, SBL uses a computerized mechanism developed by Boiron of France to ensure every drop in a Dilution achieves perfection. SBL is also India’s only homeopathic pharmaceutical company to have separate microbiological laboratories where all liquid formulations are tested and verified scientifically. Microbiological monitoring ensures that there is no adverse bacterial growth during shelf life, which is a frequent occurrence in these vulnerable liquids.

SBL, by virtue of its advanced technology and dedication to supreme quality is at the forefront of making reliable medicines.As discerning users of homeopathic medicines, we urge you to ensure that the products  you use are manufactured by companies who are reputed never to compromise on quality “as pure and prefect” as possible.

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SBL Orthomuv Syrup & Massage Oil -Pack of 2

Orthomuv Syrup & Massage Oil is a best selling homeopathic formulation indicated for ...
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Ammi Visnaga

Ammi Visnaga is herbaceous annual plant grown up to 1 meter and is indigenous to Egyp...
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It is found in rocky woods in North America. An aromatic perennial deciduous herb gro...
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Arnica Montana Hair Oil & Conditioner Shampoo Combo

Arnica Montana Hair Oil: SBL's montana hair oil are well balanced formulations of her...
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It is native of U.S.A and Canada. An erect, perennial herb, planted as an ornamental ...
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It is a large, bushy, perennial herb with a thick, fleshy, juicy branched and spreadi...
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TRITURATION TABLETS 1X RANGETABACCO ABUSE: Daphne acts on the tissues, muscles, bones...
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TABACCO ABUSE: Daphne acts on the tissues, muscles, bones and skin. Craving for tobac...
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It is a stout, large woody, climbing plant growing in abundance in Central and Southe...
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TRITURATION TABLETS 1X RANGEHYPERTENSION: It has a general and cerebral hypotonia. La...
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HYPERTENSION: It has a general and cerebral hypotonia. Lack of tone in the nerves and...
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(Saw palmetto)It is found on Atlantic coast of U.S.A. from south Carolina to Florida....
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