SBL Fe-min Tablets for Anaemic Conditions
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SBL Fe-min Tablets for Anaemic Conditions

SBL Fe-min Tablets for Anaemic Conditions

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SBL Fe min Tablets contain: Calcareafluorica, Ferrumphosphoricum, Calcareaphosphorica Kali phosphoricum.

SBLs Fe-Min tablets, developed with validated homoeopathic medicines, offer a safe and effective way to treat anaemia.SBLs Fe-Min tabletsimproves the absorption process by directly enhancing the nutrient-binding capacity of the cells, thereby relieving the signs and symptoms of anaemia.

Anaemia can affect both males and females but women are more prone to anaemia which can occur at any stage of their life. In India, more than 50% of women suffer from some degree of anaemia. Severe anaemia is highest amongst pregnant women: adolescent girls are anaemic (Hb< 12 g/dI), especially during period of menarche and the subsequent years.
During pregnancy and lactation, the requirement of nutrients increases manifold. Anaemia if not treated can worsen and may become an underlying cause for chronic ill health, impaired foetal development (during pregnancy) and reduced physical activity.
Iron deficiency Anaemia is caused due to unbalanced diet and malnutrition, Lack of proper assimilation of the nutrients is a major cause of anaemia, heavy menstruation during menarche, menorrhagia (excessive bleeding), pregnancy & haemorrhoids (bleeding piles).

SBL Fe min Tablets contain:Calcareafluorica, Ferrumphosphoricum, Calcareaphosphorica Kali phosphoricum.

SBL Fe-min Tablets are recommended for:Girls during menarche,Pregnant women,Anaemic persons both males and females.

Dosage of SBL Fe min Tablets:Adult2 SBL Fe-min Tablets 4 times a day,ChildrenHalf of adult doseOr, as prescribed by the physician.

Contra indicated of SBL Fe-min Tablets:Contra indicatedduring pregnancy and lactation.

Presentation:Bottle of 25gms.

Symptoms Anaemia
Manufacturer SBL Pvt.Ltd
Form Tablets
Dosage Adult 2 SBL Fe-min Tablets 4 times a day, Children Half of adult dose Or, as prescribed by the physician.

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