SBL Denton Syrup
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SBL Denton Syrup

SBL Denton Syrup

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SBL Denton Syrup contains: Calcarea Phosphorica: 3x 0.2% w/v, Ferrum Phosphoricum 3x 0.2%  w/v, kali muriaticum 3x 0.2% w/v, Kali phosphoricum 3x 0.2% w/v, Silicea 6x 0.2% w/v, Chamomilla Vulgaris 3 0.2%v/v, Magnesia Phosphoricum 3x 0.2% w/v, Excipients q.s to 100ml syrup base. Alcohol 0.45% v/v. 

SBLs Denton Tablets and syrup helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphates. Denton is a clinically proven product, composed of well-balanced homoeopathic medicines, which relieves practically all the signs and symptoms associated with dentition.

The development of teeth is a natural phenomenon, which usually occurs when the child is between 6-9 months of age. This natural process is termed as 'Dentition'. The dentition process can be a very uncomfortable and painful phase for many children and can lead to complaints like diarrhoea, gripes, drooling of saliva, irritability. restlessness, desire to bite, refusal to feed ect. Such condition is almost traumatic for the child.

Symptoms Teething Troubles
Manufacturer SBL Pvt.Ltd
Dosage Take SBL Denton Syrup 1/2 teaspoon 3-4 times a day.

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