SBL Bio Combination Tablets No 15 for Irregular Periods
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SBL Bio Combination Tablets No 15 for Irregular Periods

SBL Bio Combination Tablets No 15 for Irregular Periods

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SBL Bio Combination 15 for Irregular Periods Contains: 

  • Calcarea phosphorica - 3x
  • Ferrum phosphoricum - 3x
  • Kalium phosphoricum - 3x
  • Kalium sulphuricum - 3x
  • Magnesia phosphorica - 3x In equal proportion.
  • Excipients q.s to 1 tablet of 100 mg.

SBLBio-Combination No 15 is indicated for irregular periods, scanty menstruation in young girls, excessive menstruation in elderly women, metrorrhagia, long lasting & profuse menstruation as well as painful menstruation.

SBL on India's Homoeopathic scene is in its non- negotiable focus on quality. SBL excels on this parameter and forever seeks to enhance its lead through technology, Research and Development, and clinical trials. The result is a product that delivers the healing that it promises. The quality assurance system at SBL is constantly being upgraded for reaping benefits in terms of quality and productivity. SBL Bio-Combinations are made with high-grade bio-chemics.

Introduction: Largely depending on endocrine system, menstruation cycle has four phases. Menstruation comprises, the 5-14th day is follicular phase, ovulation occurs on the 15th day in a 28-day cycle and the 16-28 days are the luteal phase.

Abnormalities in the cycle or physiology are the cause of following problems:

  • Disturbed rhythm of menstrual cycle.
  • Amenorrhoea, absence of menses without an apparent cause.
  • Disturbed pattern like a short period of bleeding, excessive bleeding (Menorrhagia).
  • Painful menstruation - dymenorrhoea.
  • Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) lethargy, tiredness, malaise, depression, excitability, irritability, headache.
  • Impairment of mental and physical activity.

Associated symptoms are depression, neuralgia, muscular and back pain in most of the cases.

Presentation: 25 gms

Symptoms Irregular Periods
Manufacturer SBL Pvt.Ltd
Form Tablets
Dosage Adults 4 tablets of SBL Bio-Combination 15, Children 2 tablets, at a time, four times a day at intervals of three hours

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