The Sarada Homeo Laboratory is a GMP certified Homeopathic manufacturer based in Mohanpur,Kolkata.. It offers a range of Homeopathic products popular among which are Acidon(for acidity, flatulence, dyspepsia), Arnica Hair Oil(for hair fall, greying), Dimix(Bronchial asthma, whooping cough), Pulmolin(respiratory tract infection), Rimatin(Rheumatism,Sciatica,Lumbago), Sarcream(pimples,patches)

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Sarada Arnica Hair Vitalizer

Revitalize your hair with the goodness of Arnica. Sarada Arnica Hair Vitalizer is a q...
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Sarada Sarcream Multipurpose Homeopathic Antiseptic Cream-Pack of 3

Sarada Sarcream is a multipurpose homeopathic antiseptic cream effective for sun burn...
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