Rohan's Acnum Herbal complexion cream - Pack of 3
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Rohan's Acnum Herbal complexion cream - Pack of 3

Rohan's Acnum Herbal complexion cream - Pack of 3

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Rohan's Acnum Herbal complexion cream contains : xtacts of Turmeric 16% w/w, Sandalwood oil 1.2% w/w, Non-greasy base q.s

RohanAcnum Herbal complexion cream for natural herbal fairness treatment for your skin.




RohanAcnum Herbal complexion cream is an herbal based skin complexion and fairness cream. It contains ingredients like sandalwood oil and turmeric in a delightful smelling perfume cream base. By regular usage of this cream, it cures and prevents skin infections, wounds and inflammation. It soothes acne and pimples. It also nourishes the skin and removes dark circles around the eye.



How the ingredients in RohanAcnum Herbal complexion cream work?

The key properties in Rohan Acnum Herbal complexion cream are derived from the following ingredients

Turmeric-it is commonly known as haldi that promotes flawless skin and acts as an excellent exfoliating agent. It helps to defeat signs of ageing. It also relieves scars and inflammation and helps to reduce the oil secretion.

Sandalwood oil-it acts as an excellent cleansing agent and is usually recommended for dry skin. It alos helps to guard against the skin cancer conditions.



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Manufacturer Nikir Laboratories /Rohan Herbals
Form cream

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