Dr.Reckeweg R13 Hemorrhoidal drops Anal fissures, Bleeding, Itching, Anal Eczema
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Dr.Reckeweg R13 Hemorrhoidal drops Anal fissures, Bleeding, Itching, Anal Eczema

Dr.Reckeweg R13 Hemorrhoidal drops Anal fissures, Bleeding, Itching, Anal Eczema

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Dr.Reckeweg R 13 drops, Homeopathic drops for symptoms of piles contains: Aesculus D2, Collinsonia Can. D4, Graphites D8, Hamamelis D3, Kalium Carbon.D6, Lycopodium D5, Paeonia Offic.D3, Sulfur D5, Acid. Nitric. D6, Nux Vomica D4.

Dr.Reckeweg speciality R13 is indicated as hemorrhoidal drops for itching, pains, anal fissures, anal prolapsus, analeczema



Symptoms of piles includeirritation, itching, pain, swelling and discomfort in anal region, lump near anus which can be painful, leaking of feces.The commonest symptoms of piles (Hemorrhoids) are swelling of vein or group of veins in the anal region. These are painful and extremely unpleasant and their likelihood of occurrence increases with age. They are more common in men while pregnant women are also likely to get hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can also occur due to sitting for long period, constipation, obesity etc.



All symptoms of piles are treated by Dr.Reckeweg R13 homeopathic drops which is a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs. It contains ingredients like acidum nitricum, aesculus hipp, collinsonia can etc., indicated for their ability to address hemorrhoids, pains, itching, bleeding, anal fissure (narrow opening made by cracking or splitting). It is also indicated for the symptoms like anal skin that becomes rough and inflamed with blisters (eczema) and plethora (excess of a bodily fluid, particularly blood).


How the ingredients in Dr.Reckeweg R13 work?

Acidum nitricum - treats stabbing in intestine, constriction sensation during discharge of faeces from the body (defecation) with constant pain after stool.

Aesculus hipp - treats burning and dryness of external hemorrhoidal mucosa, venous stasis (formation of blood clots in veins of legs)

Collinsonia can - treats symptoms of piles such as venous congestion that can occur in the pelvis, severe constipation (obstipation), accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal (flatulence), hematogenic (anything produced from or transported by the blood) hemorrhoids.

Graphites - treat constipation, flatulence, itching, anal eczema

Hamamelis - treats varices (a varicose vein), bleeding hemorrhoids

Kalium carbonicum - treats flatulence, backaches, burning anal node, hard stools

Lycopodium - treats excess gas accumulation in the gastrointestinal tract (meteorism), dry stool along with incomplete defecation, flatulence, flatulence, hemotogenic hemorrhoids with anal spasm, abnormal chronic anxiety (hypochondria), chronic and acute gastritis, indigestion (dyspepsia), abdominal plethora, constipation,

Paeonia- treats wet hemorrhoids, painful and itching hemorrhoids with escape of blood from a ruptured blood vessel (hemorrhage), painful anal fissures, constant pain after defecation

Sulfur - treats itching, anal redness, unhealthy skin


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General IndicationsDr.Reckeweg R 13 drops

The self-healing powers of the body during an illness are triggered by the biological homeopathic specialties of Dr. Reckewegand Co.Gmbh, Bensheim, which acts as a specific stimulus in treatment.

The pharmaceutical properties of each of the individual ingredients complement one another in their effect on the individual symptoms and illness (stage)

The indicated quantity of Dr.Reckeweg R 13drops should be taken before meals with some water unless otherwise prescribed by doctor. Medicines indicated for external use should be applied to the affected area and gently rubbed until absorbed by skin.


Contra IndicationDr.Reckeweg R 13 drops

  • The medication (Dr.Reckeweg R 13 drops)should not be taken if patient develops any hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients
  • Generally medications should not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding unless prescribed by a doctor
  • Pls keep medications out of reach from children.
  • Homeopathic medications should be kept out of direct light and stored at a constant temperature, not over 30 degree C (86 degree F)
  • This being a natural product, it may sometime precipitate slightly or become cloudy, but this does not affect the quality and effectiveness of the product. If this happens, shake the product well before using.
  • Once you break open the seal, medications should be used up quickly



Dosage Generally 10 to 15 drops in some water 3 times daily. in acute pains, in the beginning of the treatment, 10 to 15 drops 4 to 6 times a day. After complete disappearance of the affliction, continue a treatment with 10 to 15 drops of Dr.Reckeweg R 13 once or twice a day for a longer period of time. It is of great importance to regulate the stools at the same time, in case of constipation. therefore, laxative nutrition should be recommended for breakfast and supper such as: cooked fruits, linseed, green peas, ryebread, sourcrout, yogurt etc. Constipating foods such as: white bread, cacao, starches etc., should be avoided
Symptoms Piles
Manufacturer Dr.Reckeweg and Co.GmbH
Form Drops

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