Ralsons Alfa G Alfalfa tonic (with ginseng)
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Ralsons Alfa G Alfalfa tonic (with ginseng)

Ralsons Alfa G Alfalfa tonic (with ginseng)

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Ralsons Alfa G Alfalfa tonic (with ginseng) contains: Alfalfa 5% v/v, Avena sativa 5% v/v, China off 0.25% v/v, Ginseng 2.0% v/v, Hydrastis Can. 0.50% v/v, Calc. Phos 6x 0.50% w/v, Ferrum Aceticum 6x 1% w/v, Kalium Arseicosum 4x 1% w/v, kalium Phosphoricum 3x 1% w/v, Inflavoured syrup base. Alcohol 10% v/v.

Ralsons Alfa G Alfalfa tonic (with ginseng) is indicated in cases of general weakness weakness caused by an illness and physical depression, anaemia, fatigue, debility, frigiatly, prostation, headache, insomnia and lack of appetite, it is also indicated in osteopotosis (weakened bones, easily prone to fracture) body pain,anaxiety, giddiness, weakness of extremities and hot flushes associated with menopause.

Ralsons Alfa G Alfalfa tonic (with ginseng) contains the goodness of various homeopathic ingredients like Calc.Phos, Ferrum Aceticum 6x, Kalium Arseicosum 4x, kalium PhosphoricumAlfalfa, Avena sativa, China off, Ginseng, Hydrastis Can, for following benefits

  • regularises digestion- increases appetite
  • restores proper body functioning
  • Restores health after acute and chronic diseases
  • induces proper sleep
  • helps body recover from general debility

Symptoms Mental & Emotional exhaustion, Physical Tiredness, Weight Gain, Weak Memory, Poor appetite,Malnutrition, Malnourishment,Anxiety, Depression, Tension,Physical Stress, Low Appetite
Manufacturer Ralsons Remedies Pvt. Ltd
Form Liquid
Dosage One tablespoonful of Ralsons Alfa G Alfalfa tonic (with ginseng) three times a day or as directed by the physician.

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