Organic farming: Why European Commission finds Homeopathy useful?

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Backed by field level data, the european commission has put its stamp of approval on homeopathy by issuing guidelines for organic farmers in Britain to treat their livestock with homeopathic remedies. This article explore the broad issues conerning Organic farming and its linkage with sustainable environment

The growing popularity of Homeopathy in Europe has been highlighted with statistics and pictogram  in an earlier article on this site. Not just the British royals but commoners from countries such as Italy, France, Greece, Spain not to forget Germany which is the cradle of homeopathy flocking to this form of alternative medicine in droves. Homeopathy is getting increasingly popular in India, fact that 10% of India's population which is roughly 120 million people depend solely on homoeopathy for their health care. We cater to this segment and all those seeking alternate remedy with a online homeopathy store India.

Now the European commission has put its stamp of approval on Homeopathy by issuing guidelines for organic farmers in Britain to treat their livestock with Homeopathic remedies.  Its directive specifically states that it is a general  necessity for production of all organic livestock that homeopathic and herbal products shall be used  over normal usage of chemically formulated allopathic veterinary treatment that commonly manifest as antibiotics in the market



Field Tests: Getting a shot in its arm is the endorsement and support from ‘The Soil Association’ which is a UK based leading body certifying organic produce.  The official press release from the association states that while the use of homeopathic treatments was not mandatory to acquire organic certification, it could be ‘effective’. This official press release from the soil association is backed by their extensive researched data they have collected from livestock farmers and vets that points towards significant health care improvement by adopting herbal and homeopathic treatments.

UN endorsement:  Organic farming got the stamp of approval from the united Nations in 2013 which it declared as sustainable and scalable to meet the rising global food demands.  Scores of research studies have backed organic farming with field confirmed reports of increasing yields, and better stress performance than chemically treated plant and favorable impact on local bio-diversity.

Startling facts about Organic farming

  • Organic farming yielded 33% more in drought years as compared to chemically treated farming
  • Almost 80% of Organic farming produce is coming from developing countries. Developed world is still stuck with large scale industrial mechanized farming .
  • Studies in Argentina show that organic farming is increasing the intensity of surrounding biodiversity. Birds, Bees & butterflies, bugs, farmland species like vesper mouse are thriving because of wild plant growth under Organic farming

Climate change & Organic farming:  It is now being realized that industrial farming  with its large scale mechanized production and reliance on gene specific technology and chemicals is helping little to stop climate change.  There is a need to move from the usual business-as-usual farming to farming-like-the-earth-matters. This is where it is believed that regenerative organic farming will remove the imbalance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by a process called decarbonization. Organic farming will help restore local ecology , build bio-diversity,  has a better effect on soil conservation  and help small and marginal farmers  cultivate in a profitable way.

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