Nipco Haemonip (Blood Purifier) syrup
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Nipco Haemonip (Blood Purifier) syrup

Nipco Haemonip (Blood Purifier) syrup

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Nipco Haemonip (Blood Purifier) Contains: echinacea q, baptisia q, sarsaparilla q, hydrocotyle q, ferr phos 3x, gun powder 3x, hydrastis q, carbo veg 3x, acid mur 6x, sulphur 3c, vanadium 12x, syrup q.s

Nipco Haemonip (Blood Purifier) Syrup is an excellent Blood purifier and tones up the quality of blood. Useful in septic infections and various forms of blood poisoning, cellular pimplex abscesses, carbuncles, eczematous eruptions and lepromatous condition

Symptoms impure blood
Manufacturer Nipco Homeopathic Products
Form Syrup
Dosage 1 teaspoonful of Nipco Haemonip Blood Purifier 3 times a day or as directed by the physician.

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