Nipco is a Hyderabad based Homeopathic manufacturer specializing in Homeopathic Patent products, Syrups, Diskets, Ointments, Globules etc. Its popular homeopathic speciality offerings are Link cut (cracked heels), Digestol (with pepsinum 3X), Jambolin compound (Diabetes tonic with non sugar base), Pilonip (for piles), Rawalflora (high BP), Haemonip (Blood purifier), Boronip (prickly heat powder)

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Nipco Haemonip (Blood Purifier) syrup

Nipco Haemonip (Blood Purifier) Syrup is an excellent Blood purifier and tones up the...
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Nipco Tonovita (with Ginseng) Tonic for Men - Non Sugar Base

Nipco Tonovita (with Ginseng) Tonic for men is indicated for Sexual neurasthenia, fun...
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