The name NIKIR LABORATORIES (INDIA) and ROHAN Herbals are well known all over India for manufacturing efficacious Homeopathic and herbal medicines. Nikir pharmacy has been given credit for its genuine and quality medicines manufactured indigenously for more than eighteen years. The pharmacy was founded by Dr Rajesh Shah in the year 1992. All the products from the Nikir stable  have been introduced after successful trail on more than 10 lacs patients. Today all combination products manufactured by Nikir Pharmacy are popular in Indian market and aboard. The process of production is supervised by Dr Rajesh Shah under rules and regulations of Govt of Gujarat.

 Nikir is based in Vadodara, Gujarat and its popular homeopathic offerings are Bioton Powder (energetic milk powder), Cholestin syrup (for lowering cholesterol), IM Plus drops (immunomodulator), Sinosal nasal drops. Homoeolax Tablets (constipation), Orogel mouth ulcer

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