Isotropin Mood Oral Spray 1 Oz. (30Ml)
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Isotropin Mood Oral Spray 1 Oz. (30Ml)

Isotropin Mood Oral Spray 1 Oz. (30Ml)

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Brand: Isotropin
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Contains: (Rhodiola Rosea) 1X/2X/3X, Albumin (USP) 1X/2X/3X. In a base of not more than 20% USP Alcohol, 10% Glycerin USP and Purified water.

Introducing ISOTROPIN MOOD, a revolutionary and all new homeopathic emotional well being booster with Siberian Root. Isotropin mood is a complete mental stimulation enhancer. Vast research of this amazing root reveals its increase of mental performance, desire, energy and stamina. A positive mood elevator as well, Siberian Root may be used to assist emotional well being, poor memory and cognition. Overall mental clarity and dreams are greatly optimized by this powerful innovation.

Siberian root has been shown effective in improving mood and alleviating depression. Research from Russia has shown that it improves both mental and physical performance, prevents sickness in high altitudes, and reduces fatigue. In one study, the Siberian root group decreased proofreading errors by 88% while the control group had an 84% increase in errors. Siberian root.

Symptoms Mental & Emotional exhaustion, Weak Memory, Stress,
Manufacturer Newton-Everett Biotech
Form Spray
Dosage Adults take 3 sprays 3 times per day. Mouth should be free of food or drink for at least 30 minutes before and after taking. Keep under tongue for at least 10 seconds before swallowing. Take 5 days a week or as directed by a health care professional.

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