Nanotechnology disproves Homeopathy Placebo theory, finds Nano particles in Homeopathic medicines.

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Critics of Homeopathy have often termed it a super-placebo, a quack science that flies in the face of physics and chemistry. They argue that in scientific terms the core principles of homeopathy i.e, law of similar (like cures like) and potentization (serial dilution) do not hold any ground.


We at homeomart - online homeopathy store India, were excited by the recent research findings at India’s premier institution and were prompted to revisit this topic.

Burden of Proof: The burden of proving otherwise through clinical trials (blind folded), research studies and papers has always challenged the proponents of Homeopathy. Regular drug testing is based on iatrogenic response or pathophysiological reaction which in Homeopathy is based on simila principle. In both cases a healthy organism is perturbed by a chemical or biological stressor that makes it produce characteristic signs or symptoms. This is called as 'proving' in Homeopathic medical system

Yet the nay-sayers of Homeopathy keep the rumour mills grinding. These vested interest groups, it would not come as a surprise, are funded and propped by conventional pharmaceutical companies being challenged by the overwhelming results in favour of alternative medicine

Placebo: What is placebo afterall? In really simple terms it is to say that people get cured by illness that are brief or shortlived in nature and their bodies will cure them without external intervention. So the effect of taking the medicine did not alter this process in any way but people believe otherwise.

Indian Industry body (ASSOCHAM) conducted a survey of 5000 people in major indian cities to understand their beliefs and adoption reasons. Over 55% showed preference to homeopathy and considered it safer and physiologically satisfactory with no side effects.

Notwithstanding earlier clinical trials and meta studies which have overwhelming disproved the critics and naysayers, Homeopathy has once again withstood baptism by fire from new age science i.e, Nanoscience & technology which looks at structures and materials at an extremely minute level .

Dr E S Rajendran who worked in India’s premier Science research Institution, the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) , which is of world repute and produced Nobel laureates like Dr. CV Raman, at the labs of the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering has come up with results proving once again that Homeopathy is not placebo.

Nano Technology study: Dr E S Rajendran who hails from Salem in Tamil Nadu worked in the labs of the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering at IISc , he is also a MD in Homeopathy. His research concluded that medicines exist in the form of nanoparticles in diluted solutions. Using a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) he magnified solutions one lakh times to see the particles as claimed in Homeopathy. He went further to collect more information about their composition and nature using a method called Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS). Homeopathic drugs like Lycopodium and Psorinum were subjected to the FESEM and EDS machine studies.

“Our study conclusively proves the presence of nanoparticles in all high dilutions of homeopathic drugs. Carbo Vegetabilis 6C to CM potencies were analysed and studied,” Dr Rajendran said. His finding was part of the scientific presentations at the two-day World Homeopathy Summit held in Mumbai in April 11 2015. Dr. Rajendran says “The most debated thing about homeopathy is whether its high dilutions really work. Some say they merely have a placebo effect. This study will remove such misconceptions,”

Cornell study: As per the 2015 study published in Cornell University, further ample proof about Homeopathic principles, it concluded transduction of DNA information through water medium.  It observes “the recorded EMS and nanostructures induced in water carry the DNA information (sequence) is shown by retrieval of that same DNA by classical PCR amplification using the TAQ polymerase, including both primers and nucleotides. Moreover, such a transduction process has also been observed in living human cells exposed to EMS irradiation. These experiments suggest that coherent long range molecular interaction must be at work in water so to allow the observed features. The quantum field theory analysis of the phenomenon is presented”.


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