Mood Up Drops for super power
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Mood Up Drops for super power

Mood Up Drops for super power

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Mood Up Drops Contains: Testiculus USHP 8D 5% v/v, Prostrate USHP 6D 5% v/v, Damiana HPI Q 40% v/v, Acid Phos HPI 2D 5% v/v, Crataegus HPI 2D 5% v/v, Cydonia Vulgaris USHP 2D 5% v/v, Ginseng HPI Q 10% v/v, Selenium HPI 3D 5% v/v, Excipient q.s to 100%, Alcohol content 66.8% v/v.

Mood up drops is a proven nervine tonic for males indicated in early loss of strength, mental exhaustion, lack of vigour, increases libido manages early discharge, genital strength and great debilitating conditions.

Mood up drops from Indo German is a potent homeopathic medicine with following ingredients (and mode of action)

Damiana -is a legendary Mexican herb known for its aphrodisiac properties, very popular in south America

Acid Phos -increases libido & sexual stamina

Ginseng-the root contains high vitamin contents, it is good for recovering from weakness

Mood up drops is a proven nervine tonic for males indicated in lack of vigour and early discharge, increases libido , genital strength

Symptoms Sexual Debility, Loss of Libido,
Manufacturer I.G HOMOEO REMEDIES Pvt.Ltd
Form Drops
Dosage 10-20 drops thrice a day or as prescribed by the physician.

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