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Contains: Colocynthis 6c H.P.I. 15.2 mg, Pulsatilla 6c H.P.I. 15.2 mg, Sabina 6c H.P.I. 15.2 mg, Mag phos 6x H.P.I. 117mg, Kali sulph 6x H.P.I. 117mg, Excipients Q. s. 330 mg. 

Menareg is used for all menstrual irregularities such as excessive bleeding, delayed periods, painful menses, etc.

Symptoms Menstruation Complaints
Manufacturer Bahola Labs
Form Tablets
Dosage Dosage: 1 tablet, to be taken with hot water every 2 hours when there is acute pain. Otherwise, 3 times a day, or as prescribed by the physician.

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