Medisynth Tonsilon forte drops
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Medisynth Tonsilon forte drops

Medisynth Tonsilon forte drops

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Medisynth Tonsilon Forte Drops Contains: Baryta carbonica 1 m, Belladonna 1M, Hepar sulphur 1M, Kali bichromicum 1m, Mercurius Iodatus Ruber 1m, Silicea 1M, Total Medication 0.4%, in equal proportion in purified water q.s. to make Alcohol 40% v/v.

Medisynth Tonsilon Forte Drops is indicated for enlarged or septic tonsils, Painful swallowing and Hoarse Voice, Coryza, Sneezing, Hay Fever, Throbbing Headache.

Symptoms Tonsillitis,Sore Throat
Manufacturer Medisynth Ch. Pvt. Ltd
Form Drops
Dosage 5-10 drops of Medisynth Tonsilon Forte 3-4 times a day (children- half the above dose) or as prescribed by the physician.

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