Manukulakondu Varadana Homeopathy (Kannada)
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Manukulakondu Varadana Homeopathy (Kannada)

Manukulakondu Varadana Homeopathy (Kannada)

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Dr. B.S. Suvarna is a well known and highly qualified homeo physicean with 30 years of experience and is credited with treating and curing challenging cases. She is regular writer in magazines and periodicals like " homeopathy for all "," national Journal of homeopathy", " homeopathy Heritage", "Homeopathy times". Local publication like " vijay karnataka", "hosa diganta", "Janmitra", "girivarte", "shiroratna", "Malenadu Sangati" have also published her various articales. She is currently based and practising in Chikmagalur.  

The author has vast clinical experience and a reputation for curing some challenging medical conditions. This practical book on homeopathy is a result of her vast knowledge and experience. The book covers a large number of common ailments and its cure by homeopathy. It can be used as a valuable hand book at home for knowledge and awareness for the entire family.

Author Dr. (Mrs) B.S. Suvarna
Publisher Swaraj Prakashan Samur, Bangalore

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