Lords Slimex Drops
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Lords Slimex Drops

Lords Slimex Drops

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Slimex Slimming Dropsone Contains: Slimex A 10Cc. Fucus 1x, Phytolacca (Berry) 2x, Calotropis 4x, Slimex B 10 C.C., Pulasatila 1x, Thyroidinum 6x, Graphite 6x, Alcohol 7% V/V.

Lords Slimex drops for a Trim Figure (body slimming effect)

Slimex is a homeopathic presentation for the discerning customer looking to get into the right shape by shedding excess weight. This product is indicated for tendency to put on excess weight, post pregnancy weight gain, fatigue due to overweight, disproportionate bulging of figure especially around and belly.

Symptoms Overweight
Manufacturer Lords Homoeopathic Lab Pvt.Ltd
Form Drops
Dosage mix 5 drops of slimex to A with 5 drops of slimex to B, Dilute with half tablespoon water. Take Slimex just before meals three times a day.

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