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(KALI CHLORICUM) Acts very destructively upon the kidneys, producing a croupous nephritis, hemoglobinuria, etc. Parenchymatous nephritis with stomatitis. Produces most acute ulcerative and follicular stomatitis. Noma. Toxaemic conditions of pregnancy (urinary symptoms). Chronic nephritis; hepatitis. Septicaemia. Anaemia. Mouth-Profuse secretion of acid saliva. Whole mucous surface red, tumid, with gray-based ulcers. Tongue swollen. Stomatitis-aphthous and gangrenous. Fetor. Mercurial stomatitis (as a mouth wash). Stomach-Feeling of weight in epigastric and umbilical region. Flatulence. Vomiting of greenish-black matter. Stool-Diarrhoea; profuse, greenish mucus. Urine-Albuminous, scanty, suppressed. Haematuria; diuresis. Nucleo-albumin and bile, high Phosphoric acid, with low total solids. Skin-Jaundice. Itching miliary or papular eruptions. Discolored; chocolate tint. Dose-Second to sixth potency. Use cautiously locally as it is poisonous.

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