Kids Nutrition

Children require a balanced diet to boost growth and development. This diet requires the right amount of carbohydrates for energy, protiens to build muscle and stamina, fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals. Homeopathic nutritional supplements provide the right blend of natural herbs like Alfalfa (rich in protein, calcium, phosperous, iron, vitamin A, B1,B2, B3, C,D,E,K), Avena Sativa (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory), Nux Vomica (for balancing and bringing equilibrium of various functions), Ginseng (improves concentration, reduces stress), Ashwagandha (weakness and exhaustion)

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Adel Alfalfa Tonic with Ginseng

Adel Alfalfa Tonic with Ginseng is indicated for rapid development in growing children, faster recov...
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Baksons Hite Aid Tablets for Proper Growth of Children

Baksons Hite Aid tablets increases assimilation power of body and aids in achieving the balance of f...
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Calcarea Phosph 6X

Homeopathic remedy for Teething problems and strong Bones. .....
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Dr Raj Calcikid Syrup Iron & Calcium Tonic

Dr Raj Calcikid Syrup is a wholesome Iron and Calcium Tonic that improves assimilation of calcium an...
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Dr Raj Super Heightex Tablets to Grow Taller

Dr Raj Super Heightex Tablets to Grow Taller For children who do not grow and develop due to imperfe...
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Hahnemann pharma Baby Grow children tonic

Hahnemann pharma Baby Grow children tonic Baby Grow is a drug of choice in Griping problem, immuno B...
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Hapdco B.Ve. Phos (Children Tonic)

Vitamin and Calcium Deficiencies, Weak Constitution, Lack of Vitality, Marasmus, Enlargement of Live...
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Haslab Physi Hite Tablets for height increase

Haslab Physi Hite Tablets is indicated for Poor height and growth of the children, scrofulous childr...
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SBL Alfalfa Tonic Paediatric

SBLs Alfalfa Tonic Paediatric contains mother tinctures of Alfalfa, Avena sativa and Ginseng. Alfalf...
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SBL Rite-Hite Tablets

SBL Rite-Hite TabletsGrowth promoter is indicated for imperfect assimilation, do not grow or develop...
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Schwabe Anekind globules for Anemia, Weakness in Children

Schwabe Anekind globules effectively corrects anaemia by helping better absorption, production and m...
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Schwabe Essentia Infantia Tablets for healthy Bones & Teeth (dentition problems)

Schwabe Essentia Infantia Tablet promotes healthy growth, strengthens bones and teeth, Stimulates ab...
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