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A Crystalline Compound Derivable from Indigo, but also a product of Putrefaction of Proteids(INDOL) Primary action is to increase the elimination of Indican. Auto-intoxication. Compare: Skatol.Persistent desire to sleep, dull, discontented mental state, hideous, delusions and nervousness, constant motion of fingers and feet. Intestinal putrefaction. Head-Dull occipital and frontal headache in afternoon. Dull sensation over eyes. Eyeballs hot and hurt when moved. Pupils dilated with headache. Stomach-Bloated feeling. Hungry sensation after full meal. Great thirst. Constipation. Extremities-Very tired and sore in lower limbs. Feet burn. Knee-joints sore. Sleep-Sleepiness. Continuous dreaming. Dose-Sixth attenuation.

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