Homoeopathic treatment for E.N.T Diseases
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Homoeopathic treatment for E.N.T Diseases

Homoeopathic treatment for E.N.T Diseases

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A very informative and concise book on the diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat with their homoeopathic treatment. Useful for quick-reference in prescribing for E.N.T. diseases. It imparts correct guidance and scientific approach on the subject. This book gives insght whether a specific E.N.T case can be treated by medicines or needs surgery. Various conditions of ENT like Otitis media, mastoiditis, tinitus, epistaxis, polyps, rhinits, adenoids etc have been discussed with their symptomatology and homeopathic treatment. The characteristic symptoms of each medicine are described with the suggested potencies.

Author Dr. S.G. Palsule, D.M.S.

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