Homeopathy 102 what to do in an EMERGENCY
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sold-out-image Homeopathy 102 what to do in an EMERGENCY

Homeopathy 102 what to do in an EMERGENCY

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Eileen Nauman, DHM , is a classically trained homeopath who has practiced for 30 years. A graduate of the British Institute of Homeopathy in England, she is also a member of their faculty. Currently, she is on the core faculty of the Desert Institute School of Classical Homeopathy in Phoenix, Arizona. Owner of Blue Turtle Flower and Gem Essences, she conducts provings to show their curative effect on people and animals. Moderator and owner of an alternative medicine list on the Internet, she creates a classroom atmosphere of introducing people to homeopathy, flower and gem essences, and other healing modalities. A worldwide lecturer on many topics, she is the author of more than sixty fiction books and eight non-fiction books. In her spare time, she resides near Sedona, Arizona with her husband at her home which is known as La Casa de Madre Tierra (The House of Mother Earth)

The book "Homeopathy 102 what to do in an EMERGENCY" helps you manage acute ailments and emergencies like injuries, shock, burns, choking, snake bite, epilepsy, dehydration, food poisoning, heart attack, nosebleed and many more.

When your are caught in an emergency - at home in office or even in your own car- every second is precious - A prompt well-informed action can save your life!.

In Homoeopathy 102, learn to deal with life-threatening emergencies using homeopathic medicines. Also see how your can: Recognize signs, symptoms and indicators of an emergency, injury or accident. Choose the correct homeopathic remedy for every situation. Provide the proper dosage and potency of each remedy. Give effective first aid to the victim.

This handy A to Z guide also includes 50 remedies with specific symptoms for ready cross-reference with the victim's symptoms. So, when an emergency occurs, you'll be ready with the most comprehensive, easy-to-understand book of its kind!. "This book will make a big difference in the management of emergencies."

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