Homeo Glass Phial/Glass Bottle with Cork (Packing 144)
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sold-out-image Homeo Glass Phial/Glass Bottle with Cork (Packing 144)

Homeo Glass Phial/Glass Bottle with Cork (Packing 144)

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Guidelines for Homeopathic packing materials

  • Hard glass bottles like Pyrex, or other anti-corrosive glass bottles with glass stoppers are recommended for corrosive substances, such as acids or alkalies (caustic preparations).
  • Homeopaths avoid blue colored containers since it is believed that blue color has an adverse effect on medicines that may be injurious
  • All homeopathic containers with the medicinal substances must be stored away from dust, smoke, moisture, odors, damp places, strong light etc. Amberbottlesare often used to reduce exposure to light
  • Since animals and animal products decompose very quickly, they should be used immediate after collections and not stored over time
  • Strong smelling drugs, such asCamphor, Iodine, Asafoetida, Kreosote, Terebinthinae, Moschus, oleumetc. should be kept isolated in tightly closed bottles.
  • For preserving potentized medicines colored bottles should be avoided


  • 1/2 Dram-144 packing-Rs.35Extra Shipping Charges are included in MRP
  • 1 Dram-144 Packing-Rs.55 Extra Shipping Charges areincluded in MRP
  • 2 Dram 144 Packing-Rs.65 Extra Shipping Charges areincluded in MRP

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