Healwell Wormex Pills
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Healwell Wormex Pills

Healwell Wormex Pills

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Brand: Healwell
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Healwell Wormex Pills Contains:cuprum oxydatum, santoninum, chelone glabra, filix mas, cina, calcarea carbonica, natrum phosphoricum

Healwell Wormex Pills provides effective and safe deworming through homeopathy. Removes all kinds of worms, including tapeworm. This medicine is effective for single or mixed intestinal parasites round worms, hook worms. Cures ineffectual urging to stools, bloated abdomen, itching of nose, anus, grinding of teeth.

Healwell Wormex Pills contains potent homeopathic ingredients like cuprum oxydatum, filix mas, cina, calcarea carbonica, natrum phosphoricum, santoninum, chelone glabra, that provide effective deworming action without any side effects

Symptoms Flatulence, Indigestion,Diarrhoea , Gastritis,Dyspepsia,Intestinal Colic,Hysteric
Manufacturer Sintex International Ltd
Form Pills
Dosage Below 1 year, One tablet of Healwell Wormex Pills 4 times a day. From 1 year to 3 years,Two pills thrice a day, from 3 years to 5 years,three pills thrice da day. Above 5 years,Four pills thrice a day, in acute conditions, the dose can be repeated every half an hour till there is relief, or consult your physician.

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