Healwell Homeopathic Injury Kit
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Healwell Homeopathic Injury Kit

Healwell Homeopathic Injury Kit

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Healwell Homeopathic Injury Kit Contains: 12 Medicines ( 6 Oral And 6 For External Use) Arnica 200; Calendula Q; Apis Mel 200; Cantharis Q; Ledum Pal 200; Hypericum Q; Rute 200; Antiseptic Cream; Staphysagria 200; Cantharia Cream; Sumphytum 200; Rhus Tox Ointment.

Healwell Homeopathic Injury Kit is natural and safe, meets all first aid needs, round the clock health assurance, reduces healthcare cost, for all age group, ready to use pack with user guide, USFDA registered.

Healwell Homeopathic Injury Kit consists of 12 safe Homeopathic medicines (6 Oral and 6 external use). Healwell injury kit consists of 12 selected homoepathic medicines which take care of all injury related care of all types of injuries such as cuts, wounds, sprains, muscular pain, burns and scalds, nerve injuries, insects bites etc.

Symptoms Wounds, Sprains, Muscular Pain
Manufacturer Sintex International Ltd
Form kit
Dosage As indicated for individual remedies contained in the Kit

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