St.George HCT No.17-Worms
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St.George HCT No.17-Worms

St.George HCT No.17-Worms

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St.George HCT No.17-Worms Contains: Merc, Viv, Santonine, Silicea.


HCT No 17 is indicated for Worms, dark rings around the eyes, grinding of during sleep, child draws limbs up over the abdomen, itching of the anus.

St Georges Homeopathic complex Tablets (HCT) have been prepared according to American formula. These are highly effective and produce good results when used over long periods in complicated diseases when symptoms indicate two or more remedies. These can also be used alternately when 2 or more combination remedies are indicated

Presentation: 30gm

Symptoms Worms
Manufacturer St. George's Homoeopathy
Form Tablets
Dosage Adults 3 tablets of St.George HCT No.17 3 times a day only for 1 day and may be repeated once a week .Children 8 to 15 years of age 2 tablets and children from 1 year to 7 years 1 tablet 3 times a day only for 1 day and repeated when needed or as directed by the physician.This remedy should not be used in infants under 1 year and should not be repeated more than once a week.

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