Haslab HC 91 Camphor Complex Tablets
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Haslab HC 91 Camphor Complex Tablets

Brand: Haslab (HSL)
Product Code: HASHC91C20
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* 25ml:

Haslab HC-91 Camphor Tablet Contains: Gelsemium 3x, Aconite 3x, Camphor 3x.
Haslab HC 91 Camphor Complex Tablet is indicated for Cough by irritation in larynx, Cough with stiches in chest, Short breath during sleep, Breathing painful. Suffocation, Voice low, Cold feeling in chest, Excessive accumulation of mucus in the respiratory organ, Dry cough with soreness of chest, Sensation of Foreign body in trachea, Paralysis of the glottis with difficult deglutition and roughness of the throat.
Dosage Details:Dosage:Adults 2 Haslab HC 91 Camphor Complex Tablet, Children:1 tab 3-4 times daily.
Symptoms Cold,Bronchitis Asthma,Cough,Bronchial Infections,Nasal Congestion
Manufacturer Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (india)
Form Tablet

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