Haslab HC 90 Strepto Pencillin Complex Tablets
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Haslab HC 90 Strepto Pencillin Complex Tablets

Brand: Haslab (HSL)
Product Code: HASHC90S20
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* 25ml:

Haslab HC-90 Strepto Pencillin Tablet Contains: Streptomycin 3x, Pencillin 3x.
Haslab HC 90 Strepto Penicillin Complex Tablet is indicated for Constant temperature (low grade), Cough with Expectoration thick, mucoid pus like mixed with blood, Cachexia, Burning hands and Feet, Consumption with pneumonia, metallic taste.
Symptoms Cough,Influenza,pneumonia
Manufacturer Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (india)
Form Tablet
Dosage Adults 2 Haslab HC-90 Strepto Pencillin Complex Tablet, children 1 tab. 2-3 times daily.

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