Haslab Cineraria Maritima (senecio) Eye drops
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Haslab Cineraria Maritima (senecio) Eye drops

Haslab Cineraria Maritima (senecio) Eye drops

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Haslab Cineraria Maritima (senecio) drops Contains: senecio cineraria, acidum boracicum, natrum muriaticum, glycerine, phenyl mercuric nitrate in aqua rose

Haslab Cineraria Maritima (senecio) drops are indicated for corneal opacities, conjunctivitis, cataract, weak eye sight.

Manufacturer Details:Manufacturer:Details:Manufacturer:Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (india)
Symptoms Cataract,Corneal Opacity
Form Drops
Dosage Shake well before use, intill 1-2 Haslab Cineraria Maritima (senecio) drops in both eyes 2 to 3 times a day, allowing the tears to irrigate the entire eye by closing and opening the eyelids simultaneously. In case of premature and early cataract due to metabolic disorders, internal use of Drox 33- catarin or haslab homeopathic complex Tablets -68 -calcarea flour complex helps in early dissolution.

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