Hapdco Mensol syrup
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Hapdco Mensol syrup

Hapdco Mensol syrup

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Hapdco Mensol (For ladies health and ailment) is indicated for Amenorrhea, Menorrhagia, Leucorrhoea, Ovaritis (Inflammation), Dysmenorrhoea, Metrorrhagia, Displacements, Headache, Backache, Vertigo, Debility, Loss of health, Loss of appetite, anxiety, worry and anemia. An excellent uterine sedative for regulation of menstrual troubles together with general improvement of health, MENSOL corrects the irregular, scanty, profuse, painful menstruation and Leucorrhoea discharge.

Symptoms Physical Weakness,Gynecological Complaints,Leucorrhoea,dysmenorrhoea
Manufacturer Hahnemann Pure Drug co
Form Syrup
Dosage One tea spoonful of Hapdco Mensol Syrup(For ladies health and ailment) with a little fresh water 3 times a day or as directed by the Physician.

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