Hapdco Cholerasol drops
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Hapdco Cholerasol drops

Hapdco Cholerasol drops

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Hapdco Cholerasol Drops is indicated for abdominal disorders, it is also indicated for abdominal complaints, pain in stomach, nausea, vomiting, belching, dyspepsia, cholera, colic pain and allied conditions, headache and vertigo etc.

Symptoms Acidity,Vomiting,Stomach Ulcers, Gastronitestinal Diseases.
Manufacturer Hahnemann Pure Drug co
Form Drops
Dosage 2 to 5 Hapdco Cholerasol Drops in sugar of milk or water. Repeat untill relief. In case of insect bites use orally as well as externally or as directed by the physician.

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