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Head-Sick headache. Rush of blood with vanishing of sight. Sensation as if brain was contracting and head became smaller. Tightness in forehead, with wrinkles in skin. Eyes dry, burn. Myopia. Stomach-Vertigo during and after meals; hunger and feeling of emptiness after meals. Dyspepsia, with much distention of the stomach. Cramps and colic after supper and during night, with swelling of abdomen and constipation. Dysphagia for liquids. Stool-Diarrhoea; green, frothy water, followed by anal burning, forcibly evacuated without pain. Constipation, with gouty acidity. Haemorrhoids, with hypochondriasis. Rectum constricted. Sleep-Insomnia. Female-Nymphomania. Menses too profuse, premature, and too long. Leucorrhoea. Modalities-Worse, drinking too much water. Relationship-Compare: Dig; Euph; Tab; Cham; Ammon pic; Nux vom. Dose-Second to third potency.

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