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Pomegranate As a vermifuge for the expulsion of tapeworm, and homeopathically for the following symptomatic indications. Salivation, with nausea, and vertigo. Spasm of the glottis. Head-Feels empty. Sunken eyes; pupils dilated; weak sight. Vertigo very persistent. Stomach.--Constant hunger. Poor digestion. Loses flesh. Vomiting at night. Abdomen-Pain in stomach and abdomen; worse about umbilicus (Cocc Nux m Plumb) ineffectual urging. Itching at anus. Dragging in vaginal region, as if hernia would protrude. Swelling resembling umbilical hernia. Chest.--Oppressed, with sighing. Pain between shoulders; even clothing is oppressive. Skin.--Itching in palms. Sensation as if pimples would break out. Jaundiced complexion. Extremities-Pain around shoulders, as if heavy load had been carried. Pain in all finger-joints. Tearing in knee-joint. Convulsive movements. Relationship-Compare: Pelletierine (one of its constituents -an anthelminitic, especially for tapeworm); Cina; Kousso. Dose-First to third potency.

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