Geripep - Geriatric Tonic
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Geripep - Geriatric Tonic

Geripep - Geriatric Tonic

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Brand: Healwell
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Contains: Each 5ml. Contains: Conium Maculatum 3CH 0.150ml HPI, Crotalus Horridus 3CH 0.100ml HPI, Selenium 6CH 0.150ml HPI, Thiosinaminum 6CH 0.150ml HPI, Nux Moschata Q. 0.100ml HPI, Sorbitol Base q.s. Colour: Caramel, Alcohol content approx 11% v/v.

Geripep - Geriatric Tonic is useful for mental confusion, trembling due to weakness, mental and physical imbalance, neurasthenia, painful stiffness of legs, impaired memory, urinary incontinence, sluggishness, loss of strength while walking, blurred vision due to over ageing.

Manufacturer Sintex International Ltd
Form Liquid
Dosage Dosage: 2 teaspoonful 3 times daily or as directed by the doctor.

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